Faerie Tales

Why is this page blank? Well Several reasons. First of all, I love Kelsie. She is probably one of my all time favorite characters. She’s funny, she’s snarky. She’s truly a riot and I love her so damn much. That said I wrote Broken Fae in November of 2019 and at the time I was torn on love interests. So I wrote Broken Fae with a love triangle in mind with a werewolf mate she’d discarded along the way. I sat down to write Book four and I just had an overwhelming sense of wrong and I couldn’t do it. So I walked away trying to figure out what had happened to my plot and where I wanted it to go. I always write plot heavy and kind of skim over the romance aspects of it. But it didn’t feel right. Kelsie deserved more, she also deserved all of the men. So Right now I pulled Faerie Tales from publication to rewrite and work in the men she was torn between. After all. Kelsie is a Fae Queen. She deserves her own Harem.

Please be patient with me during this re-write. It’s going to take time and energy and I committed to other projects first.

Book 1 – Kinetic
Book 2 – Kindred
Book 3 – Kept
Book 4 – Knighted
Book 5 – Karma

Release Dates to be Announced