Fated Souls

“I licked it, so its mine.”

Sabina Kowalski
Appearance – Blond Hair, Blue eyes, a short polish woman.
Favorite Food – Doughnuts and Coffee.
Best Friend – Vanessa Sable, species ‘unknown.’
Species – Demigoddess, now rules over lycans because the dumb asses kept killing off their mates in fits of jealousy. Grandmother is Artemis, she has a temper.
Super Power – Immortal & can hit any target she aims for, including dicks. Won’t feel guilt over removing one either.

Appearance – One sexy Alpha
Favorite Food – Anything Liam makes
Best Friend – Athos
Species – Lycan, the one true alpha and holds more power in his pinky than the rest of the pack combined.
Super Power – Didn’t kill his cousin for betraying him the asshole.