Fated Souls

Paranormal Reverse Harem Romance, Series “almost” complete… Yes I said what I said, almost. I have one more surprise in store for Sabina and her harem and mushy drool worthy men. And there is but ONE world to describe it… Heat.

“I licked it, so its mine.”

Sabina Kowalski
Appearance – Blond Hair, Blue eyes, a short polish woman.
Favorite Food – Doughnuts and Coffee.
Best Friend – Vanessa Sable, species ‘unknown.’
Species – Demigoddess, now rules over lycans because the dumb asses kept killing off their mates in fits of jealousy. Grandmother is Artemis, she has a temper.
Super Power – Immortal & can hit any target she aims for, including dicks. Won’t feel guilt over removing one either.

Appearance – One sexy Alpha
Favorite Food – Anything Liam makes
Best Friend – Athos
Species – Lycan, the one true alpha and holds more power in his pinky than the rest of the pack combined.
Super Power – Didn’t kill his cousin for betraying him the asshole.

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