Immortal Desires

Secrets, Lies, and Immortality.

Death lingers with its sweet stench that I just can’t wash off my body. No matter how hot the water, no matter how deep my liquor glass, it’s always there, hanging around my neck like a noose. Whispering in my ear of murder, cascading my thoughts into a whirlwind set on destruction, leaving only the need to protect those who cannot protect themselves.

That’s probably because I, Mae Carter, am suddenly a Goddess of Death, a gift bestowed upon me by the Morrigan herself.

Yet the deaths that continue to pile up around me become much more than mere murder—each hitting closer and closer to my heart. Until the one that threatens to break my spirit, as it suffocates me with emotion.

Picking up the pieces won’t be easy, not when secrets are revealed, and the past demands its vengeance.