Immortal Lies

The gods play their games, until one lone human dares to fight back. Description

A God of War and Flame.

A human that hears voices.

Their chance meeting.

No one would ever call Mae Carter a rebel. Bright and studious, this honor student’s plan for the future revolved around a quiet life working at the family bookstore. Yet even she couldn’t explain why she chose to sneak out that night… or the harrowing events that followed.

It was as if a voice was calling her, luring her into the darkness.

Wandering under the cloak of night, she found the stranger covered in dirt and eyeing her like a delicious snack. His name was Flynn, and he was by far the most hauntingly beautiful man she had ever seen. From the instant their eyes met, her pulse quickened while her body burned with desire.

But Flynn wasn’t who he claimed to be. Unraveling the lies to discover his true identity left Mae fighting for her life.

Depraved gods sizzle from the pages of Immortal Lies, a titillating paranormal romance.

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