Nameless Darkness

Legends become myths told around campfires, as storytellers weave tales of heroes and villains, kings and queens, and the ancient beasts they slay. However, many forget that a small kernel of truth slumbers in those fairy tales.

But truths have a way of being revealed and remembered. The nightmares that haunt us are real. The dark holds more than just shadows. And beside us, immortals walk this world because theirs is dying.

And it’s their own damn fault.

Nightmares walk the streets, ride the bus, and sit beside you at the bar. They flirt, they dance, and they tease with a sensual predatory instinct. He finds me alone in that alley. A chance meeting with a handsome stranger that lasts no more than a mere moment.

If only I knew that was the beginning of the end. If only I knew that was how he’d lure me, Bette Morgan, to my death.

Nameless Darkness is Book 1 of 3 in The Raven series, a slow burn paranormal reverse harem love story. MM MF