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Fool Moon First Aid

Careful of the words you utter under the light of a fool’s moon.

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Paranormal Romance

Moonlight & Mischief

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My Favorite Food is Bread & Tacos.

Elle Lincoln has been writing out her dreams and even nightmares for over a decade. She believes in magic in all forms, and oftentimes you’ll find her daydreaming in the oddest of places. Her passion is Urban Fantasy and Paranormal Romance, where the men are a little bit real and a dash of mythical.

When Elle isn’t writing she’s probably chasing around her four children, child-like husband, and a rambunctious Australian Shepherd. All who keep her on her toes. Nice try with the distractions, but mommy still got those books written and published. She resides in the beautiful state of Pennsylvania with lore and legends, and a whole lot of cornfields.

Elle's worlds and words sweep you in and fundamentally change you. Her characters are three dimensional and full of life. When they ache, you ache. When they cry, you cry.



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Eternal Legacies

When walking away from fate isn’t an option.

Embrace the chaos.


Damsel in Distress

Elle Lincoln


Doughnut in distress.

I repeat, there is a doughnut in distress.


Scratch that. Reverse it.

Damsel. There is a damsel in distress. Me.

My mouth doesn’t want to stay quiet.

Elle Lincoln

In fact, I have a lot to ask.

Like why I feel ravenous all of a sudden. Not for food either. For a four-letter word that rhymes with lick.

Don’t act all coy, we all know what I’m talking about, and I just so happen to have four very delicious men vying for my attention.

Something Psychotic this way comes.

Elle Lincoln

Adrenaline tastes better with a little blood and sweat. At least, that is what I tell myself after an undercover job goes awry and I get fired by my friend. He’s lucky I love him and see right through his command to keep me safe.