December ’23

Hello friends and lovers, It’s almost December as I prep this post, and wow, what a year 2023 has been! It’s been a whirlwind of writing, learning, and growing, and I’m eager to share all of that with you. The biggest takeaway for me as an author this year? It’s totally okay to hit the …

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November ’23

Hey, how’s it going? I hope you’re all living your best lives out there. It’s been a while, so let’s catch up. Life’s been a mix of crazy and calm. Here’s the deal: I had a hysterectomy in mid-July. Considering my fibromyalgia, I was bracing for complications, but surprisingly, the surgery went smoothly. The real …

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March ’23

Hey, Hello. Guess what? Sawyer is LiVe and free with Kindle Unlimited. Click the home button and go check that shit out! So you probably noticed a few changes here. That’s because I’m working on my website and rebranding. It is exhausting and I’m only doing it little by little.


Hello readers, how the fuck are you? Well that’s awesome. I’m surviving. Like is crazy. Life is hectic. So what’s happening. I’m sure that’s why you are here? Wanting to dive into the meat of this blog post. And I admit, I’m a little worried to discuss this. But here we are. Chaos Magic… will …

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It’s the struggle bus honking… I just realized I haven’t posted since Halloween. I don’t know if I’ve talked about this yet but I want to because when I began this blog journey I swore I’d be transparent. So here we are… My amazing and incredible doctor diagnosed me with Fibromyalgia a few months ago …

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