November ’23

Hey, how’s it going? I hope you’re all living your best lives out there. It’s been a while, so let’s catch up.

Life’s been a mix of crazy and calm. Here’s the deal: I had a hysterectomy in mid-July. Considering my fibromyalgia, I was bracing for complications, but surprisingly, the surgery went smoothly. The real challenge came post-op with the meds. With fibro, we start with quarter doses of everything. I usually avoid meds like Tylenol and Motrin since they hit me hard. Now, two months post-op, I’m doing better, though being forced to take it easy was tough for me. Stillness isn’t exactly my thing.

So, what’s new with Elle, apart from the usual medical sagas?

I’ve decided to take a short break. ‘Perilous’ is out, and it was quite a journey. Writing it was mentally draining, and I kind of lost myself in the process. Writing is my therapy, but Elle’s world has turned pretty dark lately. I want to find a way to lighten it up while still expressing that darkness. So, it might not shock you to hear I have another pen name.


Well, I’ve got a few, actually. Short erotica? Check. Urban Fantasy? Yep. Clean romance? Got that too. Elle’s my main gig, so she’s been my focus. But I’m a one-woman show juggling countless templates and spreadsheets, much to my PA’s delight.

Yet, I keep missing the mark with Paranormal Romance (PNR).


Because there’s a darkness in me that needs another outlet.

Enter my new Dark Romance project. It’s dark – I’ve got a whole checklist of trigger warnings ready. I won’t link this to Elle, but I’ll drop hints in my FB Group through weekly Takeovers. Keep an eye out for that new pen name!

The tone of this new project? Think Sin City meets Sookie Stackhouse, minus the PNR. It’s a contemporary ‘why choose’ story.

Why a new name?

Because this book doesn’t fit my other brands. It’s not erotica, PNR, urban fantasy, or clean. It’s raw and real.

Many of you know I started writing to heal from trauma, to manage my anxiety and depression. You’ve told me how much my books have helped you relate and heal. But as my stories grow darker, I need to stay true to myself. I’m putting so much of my soul into this new book, and it’s both thrilling and terrifying. I’m taking a big risk, but as a friend advised, I need to write the book I need to write.

What’s next for Elle? I’ve got 15 books to publish under her name, plus 3 re-releases. That’s about 5 more years of content. I’m not going anywhere, but I do need to slow down. Maybe 2-3 books a year, focusing on Omegaverse standalones. The market’s crowded, but I’m up for the challenge. I’m even planning a Peter Pan retelling, market trends permitting.

There’ll be a 5-month gap between ‘Perilous’ and ‘Seraphina.’ It’s nerve-wracking, considering my student loans, but I guess it’s time to amp up those TikTok posts!

Thanks for hanging out with me today. I truly appreciate every one of you.

; elle