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    Spring Flowers

    Hello Friends. I hope you are all doing damn well on this spring day. I hope your mental health is ready for warmer weather and longer days in the sun because I sure am. So… Let’s chat. I’m so tired. I feel the burnout creeping up on me. The pressure to keep on delivering and the ton deafness of some of my characters shrugging a shoulder and rolling over to go back to bed. I can’t wait to take off in June and July. I don’t just need it. I NEED it. I did push back Chaos magic to drop every 6-8 weeks. It can’t be helped. I’m taking a…

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    F*ck it February

    Let’s fucking chat. First off, how are you? Well? I sure hope so! I’m over here teetering on the precarious line of burnout. I’m minimizing the number of words I write and honoring myself when I am just not feeling it. I think it’s vital and essential to listen to myself and go with what I’m feeling that day. Life is crazy and hectic, and sometimes it’s a struggle. Second, I have so many books releases this year! I’m excited and terrified all at the same time. There has been a hell of a lot of waves in the community. Some amazing, some terrifying, and some just downright confusing. It…

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    Welcome to ’22

    Hello friends!! 2022 is off to a start, what kind of start that is has yet to be determined. I feel moderately overwhelmed with everything I want to do this year and everything I need to do. There is no singular book on indie publishing that gives all the secrets away. I will say this though, the more you formulate in the beginning the better off you will be in say 4 years. This March will be my Publishing Anniversary and I’m celebrating with a spa day to myself. Looking back I see just how far I’ve come and just how far I have yet to go. There are little…

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    2022 Schedule

    My dudes. Is the schedule up? YES. Is it subject to change at the cost of my sanity? Also. Yes. Also, also, also… Pepper has a page now…. Click ME!I now want to write only about Pepper but my ass has shit to do.

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    December ’21

    Hello my readers, fellow authors, and that random who stumbled across my website at 2am high as a kite and looking for the answer of the universe. Pretty sure the answer to that is 42. It’s been a couple months. Lets break it down and get real because lets just say the ass end of lock down here kicked my ass. I haven’t hidden the reason I began writing. It was how I managed my anxiety and depression. Not only do I have GAD, social anxiety, panic disorder, and ADHD but these combined can make me depressed because… that’s a lot of mental bullshit to deal with. I have some…