December ’23

Hello friends and lovers,

It’s almost December as I prep this post, and wow, what a year 2023 has been! It’s been a whirlwind of writing, learning, and growing, and I’m eager to share all of that with you.

The biggest takeaway for me as an author this year? It’s totally okay to hit the brakes, chill, and prioritize self-care. Sounds a bit hippie-dippie, right? Well, guess what – your girl here is a bit of a hippie with a gothic twist (yep, covered in tattoos, a daily yoga enthusiast, and rocking periwinkle hair!).

For the upcoming year, I’m planning to slow the pace. Elle’s world will see 3-4 new Omegaverse releases, while my alter ego, Sarah Kennedy, is set to launch 1-2 titles. That’s a max of 5-6 books, but hey, they’ll be chunky, standalone novels, each over 500 pages and 120k words. I’m diving deep into these stories, filling each page with love and taking time to bid a heartfelt adieu to their happily-ever-afters. I might be the only author who does this, but it feels right to me.

Now, about Tink’s story… I’m itching to write it, but time and finances are tight. You might not know, but a lot of these expenses come straight out of my pocket. If a book doesn’t break even, it’s a loss for me. I’d love to form a street team, but I need your support. If you’re into helping out with TikTok promotions or other areas, please drop me an email at Your help would mean the world to me!

Currently, I’m halfway through ‘Seraphina,’ and by the time you read this, she’ll be complete, and I’ll be taking the rest of December off. Time to just be, do some Christmas shopping for my little tribe, and maybe catch up on some marketing. Oh, and I definitely need to get those print copies out to my beta team (a gentle nudge from you would be great!).

That’s about all from my end for now.

Wishing you an incredible holiday season. Know that you’re valued and appreciated,