Trials and Tribulations

Hey friends! Family. Lovers.
I hope you are all fairing well during this insane time. Me and my not so little family are still well. Functioning and Healthy thus far. It’s been a long strange ride and I’m thankful we are still doing well.

I have updates and I’m so excited to go through them. I have my plans laid out for the year and I just wanted to sit down and share those with you.

Right now I am working on a new reverse harem series, fated souls. Book one is set to release in August. Bean is probably my new favorite damsel in distress and she’s funny as hell! <3

But that isn’t all the news I have. Because I decided to brand Elle Lincoln as strictly Reverse Harem I have pulled Faerie Tales from publication. This decision wasn’t made lightly, and it’s something I debated over for a few months now. It isn’t that I don’t like Kelsie but that I think I can give her more. Do a little better for her. I’ve come far in my writing over the last year and a half that I fully believe I can review these, edit them and make them shine. Oh and make it Reverse Harem. Yep. Kelsie is getting all her guys and I’m going to throw a wrench in her life as well. I will publish this once more as soon as I can! But when they are ready I will rapid release those bad boys!

My Urban Fantasy Penname is slow going and it will remain that way because the genre deserves it. I’m only expecting a release under that Penname once or twice a year. Urban Fantasy is a demanding audience and I want to do the genre justice. That means once again I’ll be reviewing Book 1 and possibly adding more detail. Book 2 is written but will take a little while to edit, I’m expecting this to be a slow process.

The Raven. My initial series. The one that made this pen name what it is. I love this series just because it’s my first baby. Is it perfect? (snort) no. I have a 3.8 rating on the thing. BUT! That’s ok. It’s my baby and honestly how many authors do perfect on that first release? Not many and if they did then it’s probably not their only penname. It’s hard work and in the long run it’s worth it. So what do I have planned for this bad boy? Well… I’m not unpublishing it. I am however going to give it a good read through and take into account the comments, reviews, and suggestions. After that it’s going to get a face lift.

Peace out loves.

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