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Hello Friends. Hopefully by the time you see this I will have made my way through my back log and updated as much as I possibly can. Rerouting everything to this pretty and official website. I’m actually pretty darn proud of myself and honestly I have an incredible writing friend who helped me every step of the way. She writes SciFi Romance and she’s a kick ass author. Check her out below!

Guys I’m working so freaking hard. This government shutdown is a strain and I admit I am struggling. I’m trying to find a schedule that works for me and the whole family but again, it’s a lot.

That said. You were so freaking amazing when it came to taking my RH survey! Seriously 140 responses. It was more than enough for me to go off of. You guys had a tie on shifters, fae, and vampires! Since my Urban Fantasy series, under my pen Sarah Black, centers around witches and vampires I’ve decided to go with Shifters!



I’m so freaking excited! You have really lit a fire under my arse and I’ve begun outlining. Our Female protagonist will be HUMAN! Her BFF an annoying yogi hipster. I’m slowly forming this in my head and as soon as my new journal comes in then I’ll begin my official outline.


Ok so this shit might hurt. I won’t finish the three books under Sarah Black until the end of July. Seriously if you love Urban Fantasy with sexy vampires check it out! So I will begin this shifter series the first week in August. I have a plan for 3-4 books. These will each take me 2 months to write. Reverse Harem, 3-4 guys. I will be do heavy world building as usual and these will be longer than any book under Elle Lincoln. My goal is to release Book 1 in mid January.

I know. I know. Its a long game my friends. Because I stick with one penname, one series, before moving to the next this means you get the series back to back. So I’ll try to release book 1 in mid Jan then book 2 a couple weeks later. Then I’ll slow it up and release books 3 and possibly 4 a month apart.

I’m still struggling to figure out if I want to do a reader magnet. You know that fun little book that authors give out for free. I’m torn. Because our gal is human. Her past is mundane af. She’s normal just trying to take care of her little brother and struggling. I need to think about this. But legit if you have an idea shoot me a message!

So friends. That said I’m so excited for my Witch’s Reign series to come out. If you haven’t already head on over there!

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