Why I don’t (Usually) do Pre-orders

In lieu of my new release coming up on August 26th and the fact that it has one hell of a cliffhanger I thought I’d face the inevitable barrage of questions.

First sorry not sorry. This series pretty much wrote itself and I had to cut it off somewhere otherwise it was going to be far too long. As it is I have to currently rethink my usual release at $.99, don’t worry I’m still releasing at that price. I think it’s a great introduction and since I’ve been out of the RH world now for a year there are a lot of people who don’t know me. Ok a lot of people who don’t know me. But this book is also over 90k words long. It took me 12 weeks to write, review, and edit. That’s a lot of time and dedication.

But also not the point of this post. That my friends is a shit heap we can dive into another day. But today you are here because you want to know why I don’t do Pre-orders. And if you are curious into the analytics of amazon algorithms Kindlepreneur did an incredible breakdown of Pre-orders over on YouTube if you want to give that a quick search.

One I’ve tried a preorder in the past. The service glitched so many times I ended up sitting on amazon until my timer was counting down so I could upload and save as I reached the deadline. Why you ask? Because it kept telling me my document wasn’t uploaded. I don’t need that kind of stress in my life. I’m perfectly fine with hitting publish and moving on. I’m actually pretty active on my Facebook page and profile now so that’s where my updates come from more than anything else.

Second as Dave explains. pre-orders don’t always work. Sometimes a book can sit there in obscurity for a long time, then you go live and it becomes even more obscure if you aren’t a well known author. It’s just how it works. That algorithm is unknown and many have tried to figure it out.

For me just slamming publish when it’s ready works the best. Amazon grabs that book and tosses it out there for the fishies who gobble that shit up.

So I don’t do preorders. I do try to stay on schedule and keep updates for you guys as to what I’m doing and when I’m doing it. I try my best to keep the progress bar up to date. Because legit, with out you guys then I wouldn’t exist and that is a weird rabbit hole I don’t have time to fall down.

As of right now I will press publish on Surrender on August 25th. Then I will press publish ob Submission on October 24th. NOW I will be ready to release Seduction, book 3 at the end of December but I believe I will push that back to January and after the holiday season. Why? Simple. Most people are spending their holiday’s with their family. But after the new year and all those new kindles become activated I’ll release. Probably sometime in Mid January. Leaving the last book, Salvation, to be released in March.

Then I’ll move on to Faerie tales and I’ll keep my progress updated for that series as well.

Because people are already asking, and serious I fucking love that shit. Ask me questions. Interact. It makes my heart happy. FYI I’m an INTJ, if you are into that sort of thing and sometimes I scare people. Right, because I’ve already been asked the next installment in the fated world will be Nessa’s story. I’m starting to already build on this world and taking notes. Expect… The unexpected. She’s a cool chick and I need to do her justice. Expect a Fall 2021 release. Unless something changes.

I graduate college in June of 2021. Crazy right! I truly just want to take my degree and run as fast and as far away as possible. But it also free’s up a lot of time. So I’m curious to see how my writing schedule changes.

Ok this spiraled into a bunch of random thoughts! I’m okay with it if you are okay with it!

Peace fellow humans.

Stay hydrated, eat chocolate, and enjoy life like an excitable dog.


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