Scratch That, Reverse It

How many of you sang Missy Elliot after that?
Just me?
Seriously I can’t be the only one.

Right then. Okay darlings. I’m still shook. (I can say that right? My 16 year old says I can’t.) GUYSSS we came so damn close to ranking in my goal subgenres. And my ranking in the whole amazon store was the BEST I’ve ever hit in my life.

Ranking #3257
#111 in Fantasy Romance
#118 in Paranormal Werewolf & Shifter Romance
#127 in Fantasy & Futuristic Romance

I’m still just blown away. I’m thrilled Surrender did this well. I’m humbled and I’m so damn thankful! The pre-order to Submission goes live October 17th or the 21st, I haven’t decided yet! I don’t want it to sit too long in the pre-order zone. Yes.. I know this goes against my LAST blog post… So what changed my mind?

You guys asked! Seriously I’m blown away by the reaction. Not only that but lets break down the business aspects of this decision. I promised from the very first moment I began on this journey I’d post it and you’d follow along. Only difference now is the fact that I actually have people following me.

Reality. My editor couldn’t get me in until the end of October for editing. I’m not the kind of author that will just release without editing of some kind. Also I love my editor Jess, over at Elemental Editing. She’s literally been the best cheerleader from the very beginning. Which also means… This book is getting pushed back to after November 1st. Realistically I’m looking at the 4th. I’m actually using my cousin for developmental editing right now before Submission goes out to my beta readers. And darlings… She is pushing me to be a better writer and I’m loving this right now. I’m taking my time and making Submission amazing because… I’m totally feeling the pressure on this! But Jess still gets Submission before it goes live!

But wait! That’s not all. (She says in her best advertising voice) I have a take over schedule!

Wait what? I thought you had social anxiety? Well.. I do. But I’m never going to grow if I don’t do the thing!

RHRA October 24th 4pm EST
RHR October 31st 11am EST
Why Choose Readers November 19th 7pm EST

So I want to know… When you guys attend these takeovers, what do you want to see? What are your favorite takeover posts?

Until then, thank you!

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