It’s the most wonderful…

time… OF the year!

Ding dong. Ding dong.

Okay, Okay. Hello my darlings. I owe you fabulous readers and lovers of books an update. Or rather a blog of me procrastinating when I really should be editing. Which I am behind in doing because November got weird. I mean I don’t hate it. But my crew keeps getting sick and every time one of them comes down with a cold I’m reminded of how easily that shit spreads and just how much I’m not being as safe as I can be. Clearly never leaving the house and wearing a mask means that I still get a cold. But hey lets move on from that.

Seduction is done, (ish), and I’m in the long process of editing. This process takes me just as long as it does to write the book. 3 weeks of development and sentence structure, then my amazing and beautiful editor Jess gets her hands on it for a week or two and then back to me where I review and reread the thing for like the 5th time, back to her, then to me.

Guys it is a process. And yea, it is extensive. However I love your messages and encouragement and those who loved Sabina and her guys as much as I do! And I know I write a little slower and edit way too much. I do want to say that Seduction brings a part of Sabina’s personality that was amazing to write. I really developed her more in this book that the others and though yeah, she’s still a little annoying in the beginning we see the badass that begins to break through. In Salvation… Well this bitch is about to take out a…

What? You thought I’d give away that plot point? Oh you cute… No.

Right now Seduction will release December 29th, and Salvation February 27th.

What’s next? So I keep flip flopping on this. So here is be being brutally freaking honest with you guys. I graduate college in June. I have 3 classes to take in 2021 and I graduate with a degree in Business Administration with a focus in finance and economics. It has been a long 5 years to get here. While I don’t regret a damn choice I made in starting college I don’t actually know if I’ll use my degree in a formal setting. The point I’m making is the fact that while this door will close several others have opened up for me and it’s amazing and humbling.

So That said I know that a lot of writers sometimes say what their fans are supporting by buying their books. And I want to share that here because with your help you have given me the opportunity to do something that means the fucking world to me. Remember those doors opening? Well… I’m currently in the process to test for my brown belt in tang so doo. This has been a long process as when I started I’ve had two babies. So 5 years later… (Say that in Sponge Bob’s voice) I’m about to fast track to my black belt here in the next two years, I will now have the focus and time to dedicate to this. With my degree I have the knowledge and capability to assist my instructors in opening a formal dojo and investing in it. Yep my darlings your support with my books is going towards something fucking incredible.

As an investor I’ll have the chance to have my own class. What do I want to do? Empower teens. I want all teens, especially young women to have a safe space where they can go and learn how to defend themselves safely. Not just teens either, anyone who feels unsafe. Boys, girls, lgbtqia, those who were bullied, women and men coming from domestic violence. I want to ease their fear of being in a dark parking lot, a club, work, school, anywhere. It’s been a dream since I started on this journey and you’ve given me the chance to help with that and I will forever be humbled by you.

Shit, I’m crying.

Seriously… Thank you from the bottom of my heart for making this dream reach the planning phase.

Love, Elle

ps. I’ll post soon about what’s happening next in the Fated world!

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