April Showers

Hopefully bring May flowers. My darling readers. I am catching up on emails, I have gotten multiple requests for ARC’s and I will slowly start to go through them in the coming weeks.

You guys have been absolutely incredible and encouraging and just uplifting. This is what the world needs right now and I am so appreciative of your kindness. Especially when I’ve hit covid fatigue and am struggling mentally. So thank you for that.

Yes! I am halfway through Nessa’s series. And I want to talk a little about my plans moving forward. If you have interacted with me at all you know I have ADHD so I am constantly changing patterns and most of the time I don’t even realize it. Nessa is a surprising girl and she’s turning out to be very interesting. Her book is also based on Greek myth and I want to make it very clear that while I am using Greek Mythos the books are still fiction. This means if I’m using a god I’m adapting the myth of the god to suit my plot. So while some themes may appear familiar I will deviate. I’m an author, it’s what I do. AND it keeps things interesting. Book 1, Visions, uses the myths loosely. But it is more submerged in mythos than Fated Souls, and I love it. Vanessa Sable is beautifully chaotic.

The fated world took me by surprise and I will continue to write in this world until you guys stop buying the books. EACH series will have 4 full novels (100k words +) and an overall ARC that ties into each other. Right now I have planned, in order;

Sabina – Fated Souls, complete. I WILL be doing a heat novella. But this has to be timed very carefully so this will not come out for a little while. Patience my darlings.

Vanessa – Fated Sight I’m working on this right now and my tentative release schedule is for July 1st, September 1, November 1, December 1st. I changed it because of the editing process, which is now taking me a solid month to get through all my editors, a final read through, and then ARCs. Like I said above expect all the gods…

Pepper – I’m toying with her series title. Chaotic Fate, Fated Magic, Chaotic Magic. Something along those lines. I haven’t decided yet. Pepper I am deviating away from Greek mythos slightly. All her mates are mages, witches, or something else entirely. Pepper is a diva and I’m REALLY excited about this. As for a release time frame… I don’t know. Next year at some point, more on that below.

Ash – Academy of Fate. Prepare for heartbreak. And more heartbreak. Ash is tortured, very human. Blessed but human.

Kendall – No series title JUST yet… But you learn more about her in Visions and she is one badass bitch…

Daisy – I introduced Daisy at the end of Salvation. Yes the drunk… She has a reason and you technically already know her story 😉

That is what I have so far… BUT I have other series. I have The raven which needs some shit cut from the first 20% of the book. I’m working on it. Book 2 & 3 seem okay. But these will be revamped, cut, edited, proofed, and then re-released hopefully by the end of the year. THIS is my book baby. This series made me an author and it will always hold a special place in my heart. Bette is that weird depressed person inside of us that is permanently set on self destruct. So it’s no surprise she needs a little work.

Faerie tales – Whew… OKAY this series is my editors favorite. And yes I pulled it because it didn’t fit the branding I wanted to continue with. RH PNR. So Its getting a rewrite. the story will be the same. But a little more better developed, RH, and fate of course. Kelsie is our main character, her bestie is Bette and she has 3 mates. She is essentially the ‘Mad Queen’ of Fae lore. My take of the Mad King. You will see cross over here. Christians brothers? Yeah I hinted at the mating there. I am HOPING to have this rewritten and released by Spring of next year… Why so long? Because rewriting a book takes longer than writing one.

I think… That is all I have for now. I’m going to go get back to the writing.

<3 Elle

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