Guys! Guys! Guysss!

Guess who will be a college graduate in June? This girl! I’m so excited to finish college and begin my dream of being a full time author! Seriously this is a dream come true. It will allow me to spend more time on my books, plan ahead, research and so much more.

But first things first! I need to finish up the Fated Soul’s series. Which means Salvation heads to my amazing editor on Monday! Pre-order goes live on the 25th. I am going to write a little something extra for Surrender, the guys first reactions to Sabina. I’m not sure I”m adding this to the book yet. I’m truly undecided. I would like to but I’m not sure.

That said I’ve already started plotting for Nessa’s books. Every series in the Fated world will be 4 books. But guys… I need an RH break. I know, I know that is the last thing you may want to hear. But hear me out. Sometimes it’s a lot to stick to one genre. Which is why I have 3 different pen-names. So once Fated Sight is done, I’ll be working on something entirely different. It’s just one little standalone before I dive into fixing Kelsie’s mess. I know a lot of people keep asking about Broken Fae, But she’s getting a face lift and it’s going to take a lot of work. Way more than I anticipated so I’m going to take a moment and pop out something entirely different.

Don’t worry I’ll post about it here first especially if it is something you may be interested in.

But so far I am on schedule to release Visions in July! I truly cannot wait for you guys to fall in love with Nessa because… Wow this is coming together far differently than any book I’ve ever written.


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