Summer Loving

Hey you GUYSsssss!

Please tell me you got that reference. 😉 Okay good.

Friends… May was super hard for me. Not only did I end up with Covid but once I was cleared I injured myself. What they believed to be an ACL tear, thankfully ended up just a slight fracture, bone bruising, and a torn meniscus. Only two days ago did I wake up not insanely exhausted, but while I have my energy back I still need to be careful. Like squatting… I’m on 4-6 of restrictions because while I got lucky and don’t need surgery for my tear if I don’t allow it to heal then I could tear right through to the surface and then I have more issues on hand.

Like I said, May was rough.

But even though I got sick and then hurt myself I still finished Vicious! Fated Sight Book 2. I’m hoping to keep you guys updated by the month now that I am a…

I. DID. IT. And… Somehow I’m Valedictorian. If you ask my husband he just laughs and says he isn’t at all surprised. I worked hard the last five years and with all my hoard heading to school in the fall I’ll have time on my hands to do what I love doing best… Write.

I know we’ve talked about this in the past, but writing is my therapy. It is how I deal with all the hurts, the pains, the anguish, and surprises life throws at me. It helps me heal and move on. Which means from month to month I feel differently. That said I need to follow the muse in my head. Which means from month to month I might write something different. You all already know I have multiple PenNames, and I would like to rotate between them. I’ve been putting a lot of concentration towards Elle Lincoln but in the future my goal is to be able to rotate with a little more freedom. The goal is to still to publish 3-4 a year under Elle Lincoln. Please note I’ve removed all links to these names now. If you find me you find me. 😉

That said I want to assure you I don’t rush these books. From start to finish each one takes me 4 months. This doesn’t even include the time when my editors have it. One month to plot, one to write, one to edit, and one to do a read through as a reader. Then and only then does it go to my amazing editors. I know there has been a lot of chatter about authors pushing books out there but remember we are each climbing our own mountain. Comparing our journey with another never helps.

That ALL said… JUNE’s schedule is to write under one of my PenNames. While I edit Vicious and Publish Visions!
Be sure to check back and see where I’m at next month!

With much love and appreciation,


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