Bring on the Heat!

Hello friends! <3 Look at me keeping up with my plans <3 I’m kind of impressed with myself.

First things first, Health update! I have Long Haul Covid! I have another doctor appointment next month to see if I can over come the issues and if not go from there. I’m hoping it’s JUST anxiety related chest pain and nothing serious. I swear I take more vitamins that I ever have in my life.

VISIONS is out in the wild! Nessa’s story has begun and picks up in the middle of Fated Souls, then a year later. This book is based on the Greek Pantheon, and all the characters are Gods in some way. 😉 Yes even the shifters.

Right now I’m finishing up the editing for Book 2, VICIOUS. Right now it is set to release On September 7th. Depending on how editing goes this can get bumped but more than likely will stay right where it is at.

I’m also on the last stretch of chapters for my Penname and I’m really excited to finish that up and I’ll move onto Book 3 of Fated Sight then Book 4.

I’m super excited to drop a few standalone’s next year. I threw up a questionnaire in my group, so be sure to check that out by Joining, Elle’s Realm. These probably won’t have a preorder to them… Maybe. If I do have a preorder with them it will be short, I also post in my group first and foremost. I have 3 books planned for the first quarter of 2022 (2 of 3 are standalones) while I rework The Raven. Which… I’m getting stoked about. I’m excited to streamline the Trilogy and relaunch. After that…


I think those are my biggest updates right now! Here’s to hoping that I stay on schedule! 😉
<3 Elle

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