August 2021

Hello my friends. So… Lets get real for a hot second.

I’m burning out.

*whew* Okay that was rough to write out but it’s the truth. I’ve sat down to work on Vanquish multiple times over the last two weeks, and by now I should be halfway through the book. I’m not. I’m about 25% in and I’m not feeling it. Which saddens me. It doesn’t mean I won’t finish Fated Sight, it just means I need to step back and think about what isn’t working. It could be anything from struggling to get into the character’s head, to my home life, and anything in between.

I know a lot has to do with my office. It’s a mess right now. We are currently renovating and I hate it so much it hurts. I can see the end result and my ADHD brain says it’s done but my eyes are like, no bitch we ain’t done yet. So that’s where I’m at.

Also… when I started this blog I promised it would include my publishing journey. Well here’s the other issue and I know it affects me a lot more than I want to admit. Visions just didn’t break even. When writing is your full time job, those number have to break even. I promised to always be transparent. But right now I can’t mentally put myself into something that won’t serve me long term.

Will I finish Fated Sight? Yes. It’s plotted and set and ready to go. I just need to write it out.

I’m feeling overwhelmed because there is a lot I need to do and a lot I need to work on for my back list to bring you guys the best possible books. I’ll get there. I promise because I refuse to give up.

For the rest of August I’m going to take a breather, put zero pressure on myself. Plot a little. Put my office back together before I lose my ever loving mind, and probably write because I just can’t stay away for too long. Right now I’m working on SABINA. Yep that book 5 in Fated souls you guys keep asking for and Its refreshing to come back to these characters.

I’m going to take it easy until my rugrats start school at the end of the month and then get back to it. As a mama, I think it might be a logical idea for me to just take the summer months ‘off’ because… Kids.

My next book release is Vicious which will drop September 7th! After that, Will be Wonderland and Sabina in November.

<3 Elle

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