September ’21

Hello! Happy Fall! I hope all of you are having a great month so far and that you continue to have an incredible Month! And if not I hope that things perk up for you and you end September better than it started!

It’s been a crazy start to the school year. Busy, as usual, with lots of things going on.

Book wise, I’m slowly working through Sabina, which I will be finishing up next week and then I’m moving onto Vanquish. Vanessa’s story is kicking my ass and it will be a little longer to get out in it’s entirety.

I’m already planning a line up for early 2022. But I’m not going too far because I want to allow my mood to swing what I write so I don’t burn out again.

Omegaverse… So did you see that?

I’m working on closing up Vanessa’s story and when I do I’ll be working on standalones as I rewrite my book babies and make sure they get the best TLC I can provide. One of my favorite Genre’s is omegaverse and I’ve been itching to work on an omegaverse for a while now. I’ll drop Audrey hopefully on Valentines day of 2022! It will be sweet, oh so sweet with a dash of angst. I want something simple, and lighthearted. I’m really hoping the rewrites don’t take me too long because I’m excited to get to work on Pepper’s series. But I need to make sure that my branding as an author is cohesive. Which means making sure that backlist is the very best it can be! I know it will take me time and that is okay. One day at a time. I know that logically I may only be able to drop one rewrite at a time in between everything else so time will tell. I know a lot of reader don’t like to hear that they have to wait for a series but as an author I have to make the best financial decision I can.

One of the other standalone’s I’ll release as I work on rewrites is Cerberus. If you haven’t read Visions I highly suggest you pick that up! <3 Cerberus is just… I’m excited for this one as well. All the shifters!

I will drop preorders as I am ready to release books. I still am not a huge fan of super long preorders but I might do a longer preorder for the omegaverse. It’s up in the air! Know I’m really excited to work on it and it will take place over the holidays. So I can relax and enjoy my family while doing what I love to do.

All the Best

<3 Elle

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