Welcome to ’22

Hello friends!!

2022 is off to a start, what kind of start that is has yet to be determined. I feel moderately overwhelmed with everything I want to do this year and everything I need to do.

There is no singular book on indie publishing that gives all the secrets away. I will say this though, the more you formulate in the beginning the better off you will be in say 4 years.

This March will be my Publishing Anniversary and I’m celebrating with a spa day to myself. Looking back I see just how far I’ve come and just how far I have yet to go. There are little things I never would have thought of when it comes to publishing and somethings that I’ve overthought on. Each special in their own right and each that gives you, the author, a brand that readers will come to know and love.  

For example if you check out my Instagram you’ll notice that I’ve tried different color schemes over the last few years. I’m finally settled on monochrome with splashes of jeweled blues and purples. These seem to fit my branding so all my posts have been set to reflect that.

One thing I largely neglected was the business and legal aspects of the business and that is something I’d like to rectify this year as well. I can’t give those away though as they are legalities that have yet to be finalized. But don’t worry when it’s all said and done I’ll let you in on the secret.

All that aside lets get to the publishing bits.

Cerberus is done(ish). My editor just sent me a message saying I’ve a lot of inconsistencies I need to fix. Though it’s gone through me, thrice. And beta’s once. This happens with books this large. It’s just about 140k words. 3 novels in one.

Why did I do this to myself? Fuck if I know. Cerberus took me 3 months to write and edit and there are still issues.

This happens.

I’m not freaking out as my editor said they are simple fixes. Which is amazing, and I’m somehow surprised with such a huge book that I managed to avoid a ton of large plot holes.

Either way I am still on track to publish Cerberus on the 22nd of February. Preorder will go up on the 13th for $0.99 for 48 hours only! Due to the size of this book I have to give it a solid price. I’m undecided if it will be $3.99 or $4.99. There will also be a bonus chapter.

I’m going to begin to release paperbacks 6 months after eBook release. There is a solid reason why! I promise there is a reason why I’m pushing this back even though the paperbacks will be formatted.

Up next is Vengeance! I was worried you guys. I was really worried about NOT being able to wrap this book up. But I’m on Chapter 6 of 32 and so far I’ve the first 35% completely mapped out. I usually have main plot points and then I pump in chapter questions to keep me on track.

This will drop in April with a bonus chapter!

See a trend? I do!

Every series will have a bonus chapter at the end. Just a little something as a thank you! This will be free with a newsletter sign up.

After that? OMEGAVERSE!

And even more exciting… I’m rewriting The Raven and I’ve begun ripping it apart and determining what to keep and what to pitch. The first 10% of the book will be entirely new. And I’m pretty freaking excited for this because I think I failed to establish Bette before.

I’m rectifying that by giving her and Kelsie a little more of an introduction. I’m also mapping out the villain a little more and giving him more of a platform to raise the stakes. It will be a little longer by 20k words of each book.

The trilogy will drop, hopefully, August 31, September 30, and October 31st.

After that?

No fucking clue. But I’ll be sure to let ya know!

I’ll need to reevaluate everything I’ve done and where it stands according to amazon. Because I am a business I need to basically figure out what made me money and what lost me money and determine my trajectory going forward.

Right now I’ve gotta pick up a kid from wrestling practice.


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