F*ck it February

Let’s fucking chat.

First off, how are you? Well? I sure hope so! I’m over here teetering on the precarious line of burnout. I’m minimizing the number of words I write and honoring myself when I am just not feeling it. I think it’s vital and essential to listen to myself and go with what I’m feeling that day. Life is crazy and hectic, and sometimes it’s a struggle.

Second, I have so many books releases this year! I’m excited and terrified all at the same time. There has been a hell of a lot of waves in the community. Some amazing, some terrifying, and some just downright confusing. It seems that every so many years, this happens. Readers attack authors. Authors attack readers.

It makes my heart hurt.

It also keeps me in my quiet corner. Some incredible authors talked me into the 20 Books conference this year, so fingers crossed I don’t flake or have a significant panic attack.

Outlook not so good.

Either way… Remember. We are all people just trying to make it through the day. You don’t know my story. I don’t know yours. Kindness doesn’t take much.

I have my release schedule for the year. I have my covers (mostly) sorted. Cerberus drops on Tuesday. I hope you guys love Kendall and her guys. They are so freaking incredible.

Next up is Vengeance. I just clicked submit for the preorder, so hopefully, that goes live sooner rather than later. The tentative release date is April 12th. I know. It’s a long time after the last release, and know what? It cannot be helped. Vanessa was more damaged than I anticipated, and her ending needed to be done carefully. BUT the good news is, I’m already halfway through her book, and it’s coming along more effortless than I thought.

Then there is Audrey… I’m very excited about this. This is a passion project. So, I’ll keep the secrets for now. But know I’ll be doing a long preorder and reopening my ARC team specifically for omega verse.

Then it’s the Raven… Guys. Bette. I gave her so much more, and I cannot wait for you to read all about her. I changed up her beginning to a true-crime podcaster… And well, she goes looking for a missing person and ends up becoming one herself!!!

One more thing! If you haven’t signed up for my newsletter. Please, please, please sign up. If you didn’t know, I drop all preorders at $.99 and leave it at that price for a few days. But aside from that, social media does go down, and it does have flaws. I send a newsletter out every six weeks. And have five onboarding emails. I’m also working on shorts just for my subscribers.

Adventures with Artie.

Misadventures with Morrigan.

These are strictly for my newsletter subs only!

; elle

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