It’s the struggle bus honking…

I just realized I haven’t posted since Halloween. I don’t know if I’ve talked about this yet but I want to because when I began this blog journey I swore I’d be transparent. So here we are…

My amazing and incredible doctor diagnosed me with Fibromyalgia a few months ago and it’s been an interesting journey. Now we suspected this a couple years ago, the problem with fibro is there is no single test to take that screams… ‘Yo B this is fibro.’ So I spent years seeing specialists to rule everything else out… and I do mean year and so many, many specialists. From Endocrine to cardiologists. Ironically it was one night this fall where my doctor said enough is enough I’m calling it. I was laying on my couch fighting tears because my body began to just burn… I can’t even describe it. I burned so bad and nothing helped. No amount of pain relievers, nerve blockers, not even my back up medical marijuana.

I. Simply. Burned.

So we started treatment and it’s been a journey. Have you ever cried while brushing your teeth because it didn’t hurt anymore? Chronic pain is unreal and when you no longer have that it’s amazing. Now the medication plateaus and I’ve just hit that. Luckily my doctor called the timing and I see her this week for adjustments. I knew it was coming when I walked up the stairs and felt like I was swimming.

I’m excited and hopeful and maybe a little scared. I’m getting my life back. Unfortunately just as everything was going well I got covid at the end of November.

Covid and Fibro… Not a great combo. There were times I woke screaming in pain because it felt like someone was stabbing me in the leg and dragging it upwards. (This is about the time my meds plateaued.) As you can probably guess this makes it so hard to work. My therapist instructed I be a little kinder to myself and imagine a deck of cards and flip one. What ever is on that card is what I’m capable of that day. So this is what I do, every day. Every moment I say to myself, I can do something. Most days it’s just getting the words down.

I’m learning.

This year my goals are simple. Just to take it easy. Do what’s best for my business and my health. And Brand, brand, brand. Simple right? Well I sure hope so. I’m taking things one day at a time. Because I catch viruses hella quick. Having Fibro means my body temp is crazy low. I run an average of 96.6 so I’m a breeding ground for bacteria.

I chug Emergence like it’s going to hydrate me and solve all my problems.

Alright my eldest wants to go buy a car.


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