Happy Halloween

Hey friends, I hope you are having a fabulous day! Psychotic is live and it’s one of my favorite book babies already. Book 2 is almost finished, and actually it will be done by the end of the week. Which is crazy to me. So don’t worry about that cliffy, book 2 will be up before you know it!

Pretentious will not be discounted. There are several reasons for this all of which boil down to business. I know. I know. I usually discount all of my book 1’s. It will be just as long as Psychotic because it allows for the most rounded out characters and growth for each. I spent a lot of time on this series and hope you love this group as much as I have.

Mid November I get to go to Vegas and the biggest writing conference of the year. I’m so excited to meet all those in my genre, mingle, and cause some Vegas shenanigans.

After that I shall begin Sawyer! also in case you were wondering I have had to go back through Audrey and fix the timeline because I missed a bunch of changes. I originally had a 5 year time jump but decided that just wouldn’t work so I changed it to 1 year AFTER I wrote the damn book. I thought I had gotten all of those but I didn’t and me, my whole team of readers, and BOTH editors missed it. Guys it happens. It is what it is and somehow it is STILL my all time bestselling book and I’d be a fool not to prioritize the series.

Sawyer will be a standalone. A very long standalone. and it’s going to take me a while to write. I plan to begin after I get back from Vegas and through the new year. So far I am still on schedule for all my planned releases. Which will be every other month until next fall when I will adjust the months. After that I will have a release on all even numbered months. Ie February, April, June, August, October, December. Always the first Tuesday of the month. Hopefully I can adjust to this schedule sooner rather than later but it all depends on me and where I am at writing wise.

As for Sawyer… The pack will have an alpha, a delta, an omega, and of course Sawyer our tricky Gamma. I’m really excited for this book and what I have planned which will be a little more contemporary in nature.

Life is crazy, but I’m truckin’ through. I’m not overly stressed with writing and that’s helping. I really wanted to be able to rapid release Chaos Magic but they ended up so damn long and I needed to be able to stretch it out a little.


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  1. Hi, I read your fated soul series and loved it. Please let me know if any book will cover ash’s story or not. I will eagerly await your response.

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