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Hello my darlings! I hope April wasn’t too hard on you! May is just around the corner with warmer weather, if you are like me and residing in the US. I’ve been busy busting my butt on my pen-name Sarah Black. Don’t worry I haven’t abandoned Elle Lincoln.
In fact I’ve had to think long and hard about what branding I want for Elle Lincoln. As an author we all have to start somewhere. It isn’t easy because we ride the fine line of what the market wants and what we want to write. We have to compromise and more often than not look at our work objectively.

What Worked?
What Failed?
What Sells?
Constructive Criticism?

I won’t lie and say it’s easy because lets face it, it’s hard and its discouraging especially when a reviewer takes their aggression out of your book. It hurts but we need to move on.

There really is a point to all of this.

Elle Lincoln was my first official novel pen name and I broke into the market with Reverse Harem. Which I love! But then I went and did a few other things, which did not do as well. And that’s ok too, they won’t all be bestsellers.

Looking forward after I publish the last two books in Faerie tales I’m going to work on my branding. Looking long and hard at what worked for this pen I’m going to stick with Reverse Harem Paranormal Romance. If that isn’t your thing please check out Sarah Black at the link above where I write strictly Paranormal Romance. Its a slow burn so careful.

When will I produce these new Reverse Harem? Well I probably won’t release until January 2021. Tentatively. But I need YOUR help first! If you can take this short survey and let me know everything you love and hate about Reverse Harem. Each answer will help me develop the next trilogy or series!

Thank you so much!

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