Life Update

Slurps Coffee like I’m manic and need of a caffeine hit. Which I fucking might.

Darlings. 2020 has NOT been kind. I’m ending it with a cellulitis infection that just won’t go away. I’m on my second round of antibiotics and I’m hoping to avoid a trip to the hospital for IV antibiotics. Right now several of our ER’s are shut down which means for that I’ll have to travel and I’m not here for that. Don’t get me wrong, I will go if my doctor decides oral antibiotics aren’t working. Which they are but they aren’t kicking it from my system. So hydration and a heating pad.

So… This means’ I’m more quiet than usual. It took a few days until I didn’t feel like the dose of antibiotic will knock my butt out. And my appetite is slowly returning. But I’m tired and my infection stings. Kind of like sunburn.

All from a spider I didn’t see who bit me. Really I’m ready to slice this infection open on my own just to get rid of it. But hey! No bra December. That’s a positive right?

Christmas was amazing! My kids were thoroughly spoiled and have tried to play with everything all at once.

That’s al for now. I hope you all enjoyed the holidays and if that isn’t your thing I hope that December treated you well.

Have an amazing new year and stay safe and healthy!


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