2021 Release Schedule

Buckle up Bitches because I’m about to drop some bombs.



July 1st – Visions
September 1st – Vicious
November 1st – Vanquish
December 1st – Vengeance

As each series completes I will offer signed paperbacks. Like other authors I’ll open up a google form when they are available. I want to do something special here so look for customized gift boxes because I’m just living my extra life.

I will also be finishing up a trilogy under my other penname Sarah Black AT some point during this. That pen will then be exclusively Cozy PNR. So I need to adjust to suit that brand. I’m hoping to tackle these ambitious goals and I’m really excited.

For the Fated World, I have plans for multiple trilogies and there’s a lot here to work with. I’ve been outlining for Nessa, Pepper, and Ash. AS well as a surprise female shifter and a nymph. I can’t wait for you guys to meet these 2.

Teasers? Of course. Nessa’s book is based on the Oracle of Delphi. Ash is a twist on academy. Who’s hot for teacher? Pepper is a twist on the amazons. Seriously are we even ready for her sass? That surprise shifter, well she has to be an insane badass. And the nymph? Well… I might trip the line to erotica on that one. These will ALL be trilogies. Why Elle? Because I personally get bored after 3 books. Fated Souls ended up as 4 because I had a lot of set up. We see where Sabina’s cousins end up and why and I think this is important. One of my favorite aspects of a novel is the supporting characters. I can fall in love with them sometimes more so than the main characters. These will be long novels. Probably >125k. I will be doing separate ARC teams for each due to the jump in sub genres.

That’s all for now! I’ll update this post as I progress and move forward through out the year and Make sure that I’m staying on point!



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  1. Cherylynn Tilley

    I love your books and I’m glad I was right about there being books on Piper, Ash, Nessa and Kade’s sister cause you wouldnt set that up the way you did with out thinking about how there stories was going to unfold from Sabina’s.

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