July 2022

Happy Release Day!

I hope all of you are doing okay. Surviving. Thriving. And living your best life!

I am… Okay. Life is crazy and I keep saying, “when things slow down.” But the reality is that life isn’t about to slow down and it’s up to me to slow down and take a moment to observe everything in my life.

My therapist keeps telling me to enjoy the small moments in between. So, I’ve been trying to listen to the pause between breaths. And the silence between words when the world speaks to me.

Am I listening?

Some days, I am. Other days my head is filled with so much static that I can’t focus. I’m trying.

So, I’m going to celebrate the achievement that is my newest release and pat myself on the damn back. I did it. WE did it. I know Audrey ends on a massive cliffhanger, don’t worry Abloom is finished and today I’m about to begin finalizing my edits and those of my editor before shipping her off to my proofreader.

I’m experimenting with this series. Well at least the first 2 books. Originally Audrey and abloom were supposed to be 1 big book.

Then I blinked and chaos erupted. I found that when I sat down to read in the evenings, some days I could and somedays it was a struggle. My mind kept wandering and I just couldn’t focus. The world caught on fire, and I was suffocating.

When I could read, I needed the book to be shorter than my usual. I needed to read it in a few hours and go to sleep dreaming about the romance and that feeling of butterflies erupting in my belly. (Yes, I know it’s a red flag, but I digress).

I thought… If I’m feeling this way, then I’m sure other people are as well. So, I split Audrey in 2 so that each book is <90k and can be read in one night.

Do I still love long series? Hell to the yes and Pepper will throw me right back into that mind set. But for now, these two will be a short introduction to Castle Omega. Whether the next one I have planned will be split has yet to be seen. I am planning on Sawyer and Sin’s love story, and I’ve got a feeling there will be a lot of heart break with this one.

IF Audrey and Abloom do well that will decide when book 3, Sawyer and/or Salacious, comes out.

What am I doing right now?

Breathing. My baby turned 18, my little brother married the most incredible woman, and my heart is so full that I just want to grip the feeling and hold onto it for a little longer. So, I took June off. July will be spent editing, marketing, and even plotting.

Pepper’s Poison will be written over the course of July, slowly. And maybe Lunar Mile Sanctuary. (This depends on my head space.)

What is Pepper’s Poison? I thought you’d never ask. This is a short, 20k novella about the heart break of Pepper and the twins. I’m hinting at her other mates here but her past only well and truly calls for one. Her past will give some insight on why Pepper made the choices she did and why she took off.

Hint… It isn’t completely what you think either.

Her theme? Friendship.

Psychotic will be out on Halloween this year, and I’m going to take my time with it. Which means… I won’t be rapid releasing as fast as I had anticipated. Yes, I’m starting this 4 months early but it’s also going to take me time to hash out the intricacies of her life.

Psychotic is a slow burn RH. She isn’t about to give her heart away again, and if and when she does it will be full force.

And let us not forget her Pixie bestie. Which… I’m so freaking excited for. I hadn’t planned on a smart-ass side kick but here we are. Throughout the series we will see all those contracts she made come back into play and even ones I didn’t even hint at.

The amazons.

Her jaunt in the Underworld.


This series will have a lot of moving parts and I have 5 books planned.

I’m thrilled for Chaos magic. But first… Enjoy Audrey whose character development goes from spoiled omega to stabby queen.

All my love, Elle

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