August 2022

Abloom is LiVe!

If you are reading this BEFORE the 2nd. Then it is not live. I just had to schedule everything because I’m leaving for vacation next week! I know who plans a release during vacation?

Me, apparently. In my defense, I planned this out before my in-laws set a vacation date, so here we are. I have plans to relax by the pool with a book and maybe a drink and put my feet up doing nothing!

Speaking of nothing, June was amazing. I didn’t write at all.

Before I dive into what I’m doing right now, I want to discuss Castle Omega and the future of this series. I have eight books planned, and if I’m being honest, I didn’t think it would do as well as it did. You guys surprised the heck out of me, and I’m so thankful and humbled by all of your love! Book 3 won’t come out until August of 2023. It’s a long way away, but there is a reason for that, which I’ll discuss below. Luckily because the rest of the series is all stand-alone, following the councilmembers and their packs, I have time. This series accomplished what I couldn’t achieve with Cerberus. It’s strange how life works out like that, but here we are.

And in July I wrote a special little treat for all of you! I really cannot wait to get that out to you guys. Right now, my writing schedule is wrapped up in summer vacation. If you are new here, I have four human spawns. One of whom just turned 18, and the youngest is 5. He goes to kindergarten in the fall, and I plan to put that time to good use by writing. I’m in the northeast, so kindergarten here is half day. A bummer, but here we are! I also might miss the little guy.

Pepper’s poison will be ready by September’s newsletter and blog post. I.e., September 6th. Which is when Psychotic will go up for preorder.

Guys…. I plotted this series a ‘little’ because I wanted to get a feel for Pepper. So, I had scenes in my head that I wanted to write out but didn’t want to ‘tie’ myself down.

When I say this book took a turn in a direction, I didn’t see coming. I’m pretty sure you may not have either, and I am freaking SO EXCITED!

Just think…


Her Pixie best friend…

Nikko, a human cop in the know.

A bar her mates (i.e., twins) gifted her before they took off.

And a new status no one sees coming.

Demons… Yes. Demons.

And of course Chaos magic.

This books, you guys… I’m already excited, and I kind of don’t want to jinx myself. If you want more info, be sure to hop over to my Facebook group and get all the teasers!

Until next time,


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