October ’22


So… Guys. I always said I would always be 100% transparent especially for those who show up to read my internal monologues I put out for the world to read. You can tell they’re raw because they are unedited. I’d rather have it that way anyway.

That said, I am riding the front row seat on the struggle bus. I’ve had to push my writing schedule to 4 days a week because of mental health reasons. I won’t EVER give up writing because it’s good for me, and my incredible and beautiful therapist agrees. Guys… when I say I adore my therapist I mean it. she’s fabulous and has helped me so much in the last year.

Moving on though… I’m having a hard time. I love writing but it seems that it’s harder and harder to make a living doing so. I want to keep up publishing and I will but I’m going to have to seriously rethink my releases and what I’m dropping.

For example, Surrender did so well because it was wolf shifters and I’ve since deviated from that path. Dragons, and gods, OH MY! With psychotic I adjusted and kept the scope of my characters more narrow. Then came along the OV. and You guys blew that up. So I’m going to need to write in that series as well.

But… A LOT of readers won’t read a series unless it is complete and I’m not going to fault you on that. BUT it does mean I have to focus my attention on what allows me to feed my family. So that means trying to decide how much to write, what to write and if I need to go back into the normal job market…

Like I said, I’m riding the struggle bus!

I am not a huge poster on TikTok but I’m trying as I’ve seen many of my peers thrive there. If you haven’t noticed I can be a rather private person and I’m not huge on putting myself up on the internet. (Anymore, ask me about my modeling days…) I’m working on, maybe eventually I will be confident enough to do that. For now you get fun little videos I make. and some repeaters because most people aren’t going to scroll down that far!

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